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  • Is it free?
    Yes. In fact, you can get paid for participating.
  • What's the commitment?
    None. There's no obligation to offer a conversation.
  • What can I offer?
    You can offer a phone conversation, a video conversation or a recorded message. See our How it Works section for more information.
  • What do I need?
    All you need is a computer, a phone or video camera, and an Internet connection. That's it.
  • Who will I be talking to?
    You will be talking to registered Greenroom guests only.
  • Is my privacy protected?
    All information in Step 2 of this sign up will remain private. Confidentiality of all conversations is set by you. If you'd like them to remain private, simply set them as such.

    The first step of this sign up will not remain private and will be viewable in your public profile on
  • Can I add my own charity?
    Absolutely. Please feel free to send any 501(c)(3) charitable organizations to Once reviewed and confirmed by the Greenroom team, it will be included as a charity choice for offers and requests.

Our Code of Conduct

  • 1. Offering or buying a conversation is a promise to be available at that specific date and time.
  • 2. Be on time. We take no-shows very seriously. See our FAQs for more details.
  • 3. Test your connection ahead of time.
  • 4. Have fun and don't be afraid to get creative.
  • 5. Text chat with your host if you have questions or hit the Operator Assistance button, which alerts the host without disrupting your call.